Brightest Shrooms

Have you ever sat very still to watch the fall leaves slowly drifting down to the ground?

I did today as I took a slower walk than usual.  I noticed the cool, crisp breeze pushing them gently back and forth on their descent to the ground.  Sometimes one leaf all alone will break free from a tree.  I particularly love when a bunch of leaves make their fall all at once!  Similar to a strong supportive family or group of close friends.  They make the leap of faith together and are stronger for it!

With my renewed interest in appreciating nature on I went on another walk to capture some picturesque nature scenes down the street from my house.  These amazing bright orange mushrooms in particular caught my eye when driving home one day and I even inspired my husband to take the time to picture them too.  🙂

Brightest Mushrooms that I ever did see

Brightest Mushrooms that I ever did see

Take a walk and see what you see!  I would love to see your walk finds.  Post a pic or comment something interesting you found or saw on your walk.

Personally, my spiritual connection to this special moment of reflection when walking under the falling leaves:

I was a lonely, folded over leaf being tossed about by what the world slapped in my face…

Today the groups of leaves falling down at once is my reminder to stay close to those who strengthen and encourage me.

My true strength and peace comes ultimately from knowing how treasured I am in Christ Jesus my Savior who died for me.  His grace is sufficient for me.

His strong arms have surrounded me, a frightened leaf, plucking me out of the harried mess to show me to trust in Him and find rest.  Seeing the leaf of what I was is more clear to me now.  I was folded up for so long I didn’t even know how to press out the crinkles.  So very glad that God is showing me.


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