Nature Walk

Fallen Flower Petals

With my interest in leaves and excitement for fall and it finally feeling cooler!!  I embarked on my walk today try to take a pic of a leaf in action.  My initial ideas involved a leaf falling from a tree or a bunch of leaves being blown down the street.  These two ideas were shortlived since the leaves didn’t appear to be cooperating…NOT in the mood for a photo shoot I guess.  Just now noticing all the leaves in my pic above 🙂  Leaves didn’t get left out after all.

Today's Photo Find  Walking on feeling the refreshing cool breeze and enjoying the partial cloud coverage I felt the sun occasionally as I continue my stroll.  A few streets later I was pleasantly surprised to find a bed of pink flower petals!

Such a beautiful setting for a photo op!  After taking a few snaps of nature: bees, flowers, and such I ended up taking self portraits.  Not my intention at all today since it is a no makeup day :0

  A few photo tips

Take the 15 minutes to learn your cameras functions.  Yes, you can quickly learn quite a lot about your camera’s options and functions.  It’s not so hard; give it a try!

Framing – Consider the position, angle of your camera to the object or person you are capturing.  Today I noticed this after the fact (see my elongated face pic vs the more desirable angle).  Possibly it’s just my tight smile causing the distortion… either way framing is essential To a great pic!

Vintage Pink

Vintage Pink

Trial and Error – Just keep clicking, just keep clicking….Dislike your pic?  Try a different background, angle, or change the lighting.  Take the time to experiment and have lots of fun!  I took about 25 pics today, sharing 6, and deleted 8.  My favorite nature pic today is this pretty pink duo.  I’m loving the lighting, framing, and vintage coloring.  No filter used either!

People pics – Change up expressions from serious, to goofy, then all smiles.  Personally today I couldn’t pull of a serious…  I got an ok full sun pic, but I’m not 100% sure if I look peacefully asleep or half dead.  My favorite self pic today is the all smiles pic with my wreath of hair curls.

Hmmm now that all is posted up here on my blog I’m not crazy in love with the lighting on these 1st two selfs….Funny how we change our minds so quickly.  Loving the brightness of the full sun pic at this blogging moment.  Self portraits are a great way to have fun exploring the art of photography!  Happy snapping, clicking, or silent stealth photo taking 🙂

Elongated Face - oopsy

Elongated Face – Oops

Fav self portrait today

Fav self portrait today

Peaceful in the Sun

Peaceful in the Sun


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