Today I took 8 small steps to my yoga mat 🙂  Yoga is a very important part of my exercise regime.  I have been incorporating yoga or pilates for at least 8 years.  Today I selected intermediate Bala Yoga back and abs along with Prithvi Pranayama (2nd and 4th in the top row). Yoga hd My YogaHD ap is my go to for a great yoga workout.  The pictures in motion along with the music and voice over instructions have helped me to improve my breathing technique, flexibility, and strength.  It is noted in an article online as one of Best yoga apps.  I posted the link just now.  I might try another yoga app 🙂

Yoga Bridge


My favorite poses today are bridge and bow poses because I could feel it stretching my soreness in a good way.  It was exactly what my body needed today!  This morning I noticed how my 6 year old son immediately stretches when he gets up.  This is one of those things I don’t have to remind him to do.  He does this automatically and it’s so good for him!  I think many times as adults we get so serious about life thinking about all we MUST accomplish today and forget or put off what is so very simple!


Relaxation Favorite Bumblebee

Relaxation is another important part of yoga.  Doing these routines I see how important it’s is to have the relaxing poses like corpse and crocodile.  Our bodies need those few moments of rest before stretching into a pose again.  These poses in particular have helped me to improve my cognition and clarity.  Yoga helps me to take a calmer approach to my daily to do list. Yes, I admit many days I don’t feel up to yoga.  Those days I am looking to see am I done this yet about half way through and think ok just a few more and I will quit.  The next time I look and find I only have one or two more poses to go.  Then I think ok I can do two more or I’m excited because ooh it’s my fav pose!

Challenge:  Take 5 minutes in the morning and give your body a wonderful stretch.   Your body will thank you 😉  If yoga interests you find your own favorite ap, video, or class.  Whatever exercise you choose find one that works best for you!  What exercise are you currently enjoying?


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