Walk with my boys

 contest photo

Today I took the boys (10 & 6) outside for them to discover their creativity through photography.  They are entering a photo contest at school.  The pic to the left is my 5th grader’s photo, “Entrance to the Garden” and the tree below is “The Bearded Tree” by  my K5 kiddo.

Honestly, I did not expect the 6 yr old to be that interested.  However, boy was I wrong!  He snapped his camera every step of his walk outside.  He kept saying, “I just love everything”!  He took pics of grass, leaves, statue, bushes, trees, brick walkway, his feet, people walking and biking, me, our water bottles, his brother (much to his no picture mood), ducks, a dog, the lake, lamp post, flags, and yes even a trash can.  🙂  He took a whopping total of 163 pics!!!     Entry k5

I think we can all learn a thing or two from his statement that he loves everything.  Let’s decide to love a little more!

Abruptly his picture taking came to a stop when he took a step back on the walking path to trip over this boys leg…down he went and scraped his knee.  The boy was nice enough to make sure he was ok and apologized.  Slightly scraped, that was all.  He piggybacked to the closest restroom and we cleaned him up.  🙂


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