Down by the river

Today I had the chance to get out to a park!


Falls Park, Greenville, SC

I absolutely love, love a change of scenery from my usual neighborhood walk.  It feels so refreshing 🙂  I enjoyed taking a stroll by the river and taking it all in.  Beautifully landscaped walkways with gorgeous flowers, plants, rocks, and waterfalls.

The park was bustling with other photographers, casual walkers, Mom’s with kids feeding ducks and cyclists.  Notice I took pics not of that, but the quiet moments around me instead.  I found a comfortable spot on a gigantor rock directly in front of this water fall to sit and read my new book.


Reedy River

On my way to the car I spotted this red orange beauty!  My favorite color 🙂 well almost…teal is super close to my fav color too.  I used my iphone 5c 8mp to take these pics and edited with my Pixlromatic ap.  Absolutely love this ap!  So many, many filters and frames to choose from. Fall Tree


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