Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light!

After looking through my recent photos.  I decided on this one for the contrast of the bright sun light just beyond the leaves and the light shining on the tree bark.  I’ve noticed I take lots of tree pictures.  🙂

Soft light shining brightly through the branches in my front yard,

Bark slowly peeling back,

Rough yet thin,

Variety of colors:  white, gray, black, brown, green

Fallen in between, but bridging the gap,

Framing it’s leaves in the brightest sun light!



Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible

I can't resist a good, soft, and chewy cookie. This cookie is chocolate with peanut butter chips (my other two faves for yummy and delicious snacking).

You ask, “What food can I not say no thank you to”?  Yum, Cookie!    I absolutely can’t resist a soft, chewy cookie.

Types of other cookies I can’t say no to:

Chocolate chip (must be soft and chewy)
Sugar cookie (again, soft is the best!)
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (you probably guessed it by now – No crisp or crunch for me. Must be SOFT)

Cookies I like, but can say no to:

Peanut butter (soft or I won’t eat it and love added peanut butter chips)
Oatmeal raisin (again, soft and chewy is a MUST!)
Oatmeal raisin with chocolate chips (even better than the aforementioned cookie)
Oreo (I’ve even tried the vitamin enhanced brand – pretty good actually).

Oreo is the only cookie on my list that is crunchy.  It must be the chocolate and creme that win me over, but still able to resist.

This cookie I ate today was the very last one, and no, I did not share….oops guess I should have read cookie monsters tip before consuming the cookie.

I do recall asking my husband to eat the cookie or I would have too.  Since one cookie is just not good enough when two kids arrive home from school. I can hear the screaming now! OUCH, my ears and sanity. 🙂

My husband just surprised me with a vanilla chai latte. A latte is most definitely tied with cookies as soooo irrestiable!!!! Perfect addition to a nonstop rainy day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Scott tower

This is how a man cleans!  🙂

I was surprised enough that he was cleaning, but this toilet paper tower was an added bonus.

I had just purchased a wholesale amount of toilet paper and wondering where to store it…hmmm the closet, the basement? I love his creative solution 🙂 and it was a welcome surprise.

This was my unexpected organizational solution.  Unexpected since my husband surprised me with it!

Do you have a creative storage solution that you love?

Painted leaf

Love the red splotches over the yellow or is it yellow over red?

Love the red splotches over the yellow or is it yellow over red?

This leaf reminds me of paint.  It’s almost like someone dripped red paint on this yellow leaf.  The coloring is so much more vibrant and it would be hard to match this color with paint.

My son handed me this leaf when his cold had turned into a fever 😦  He held up this leaf with a simple, “Here”.  I knew right away since his cheeks matched the rosy shade on the leaf.  Setting the leaf aside.  I started hunting for the thermometer.

The next day I was happy to see the leaf was still full of color and took the pic!  It’s so important to focus on the happy moments with your kids.  This will get you through the not so fun temper tantrums 😉

Catch Phrase

My son didn’t feel well today, but he still handed me my daily leaf gift 🙂

This leaf reminds me of something he said yesterday since the dot looks like an eyeball gazing at me ever so intently.

“I’ve got my eye on you”! “That’s my catch phrase“, he said with an exuberant amount of pizzaz! Also filling me in with a whisper that he has a catch phrase just like Ninjagos have. Too cute!

What do you think? Does this leaf have it’s one eyeball on you?

My catch phrase is “At least it’s warm” or whatever positive adjective I’m using to describe something. I know I say this often with my kids when they seem sad or disappointed about something.  I know I say this often ever since I noticed when our littlest started saying it ALL the time.  Where did he get this from I thought?  Oh, from me.  At least it’s a good habit!

Tell me your personal catch phrase! Can’t wait to hear them. 🙂