The Green Leaf King

The Green Leaf King

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you: The Green Leaf King

This morning when buckling in my son on the way to school he surprised me with this green leaf.  I only say surprised since I didn’t even see or notice he picked it up on the way to the car 🙂 He proudly said, “I have the green, leaf king for you”, as I buckled him in.  “Here you go”, he said as he proudly held it out.

I’m guessing this leaf is King due to the fact that it’s the largest green leaf he has picked up.  The leaf king made it home to my growing leaf collection in my kitchen window above the sink.  I might just need to get a book to press them in.  If not at least I have the pictures of them to remember these special I love you moments with my littlest.  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Green Leaf King

  1. I love your leaf stories. Yes, you should press them…and take more pictures of his little hands holding them. I am so glad you are memorializing the stories; you will be so thankful for the memories as they grow up so fast. My favorites are the forever loving leaf and, of course, the green leaf king. Thank you for the introduction!

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