Catch Phrase

My son didn’t feel well today, but he still handed me my daily leaf gift 🙂

This leaf reminds me of something he said yesterday since the dot looks like an eyeball gazing at me ever so intently.

“I’ve got my eye on you”! “That’s my catch phrase“, he said with an exuberant amount of pizzaz! Also filling me in with a whisper that he has a catch phrase just like Ninjagos have. Too cute!

What do you think? Does this leaf have it’s one eyeball on you?

My catch phrase is “At least it’s warm” or whatever positive adjective I’m using to describe something. I know I say this often with my kids when they seem sad or disappointed about something.  I know I say this often ever since I noticed when our littlest started saying it ALL the time.  Where did he get this from I thought?  Oh, from me.  At least it’s a good habit!

Tell me your personal catch phrase! Can’t wait to hear them. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Catch Phrase

    • Thanks! Sometimes we are not the best judges of our own voice. You could ask someone you spend lots of vocal time with and they might know something you say often. 😉

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