Holiday Ramblings – Music and Decorating

Enjoyed starting my morning listening to iTunes Holiday Hits 🙂

Breakfast Woes

20131202-211852.jpgMaking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my 10 year old’s breakfast tomorrow. He never wants to eat hot oatmeal anymore and is picky, picky about dry cereals too.  Figure a couple of cookies in the a.m. is better than nata…  This morning’s breakfast was a drip of OJ…
Frustrations…. I know, I know, he won’t starve, but a Mom’s gotta try, right?

What recipe did I use, you might be wondering….It’s super easy, just look on the back of the quick oats box.  I do use recipes from the web or cookbooks quite often too, but many times the back of the box is even easier 😉

Santa Hat for you or a friend?

20131202-211922.jpgThis holiday music got me in a festive spirit today 🙂 After cookie making found some Christmas hats and dressed up my 6 yr old’s stuffed animals. I truly think everyone looks better in a Santa hat, stuffed animals included.  🙂 Pics in this post are all iPhone taken and edited with Pixlormatic.  It’s a fun ap with loads of filters and frames!   Kiwi the dino & Eore’s photo turned out a little dark, but you get the gist.  Go get a Santa hat, put it on yourself or someone hanging with you.  Guaranteed to lift your holiday spirit!

20131202-211905.jpgElf Woes

So it’s only December 2nd and OOPS I already forgot to move our elf, Christopher Robins, last night….EEK!

About the Elf’s last nameSanta sent him to our house last year with a book telling us his name is Christopher Pop-in-Kins and apparently he had a name change this year. Littlest insisted Robins is his last name now. Same name as the boy from Winnie -the-Pooh. Hmmm interesting and Funny 🙂

When my oops was discovered:

This morning my 6 yr old pops out of bed and races to the family room. He was very concerned that Christopher forgot to move.  He said, “I wonder if Christopher lost his magic”.  “I hope not”.  Of course I assured him no magic was lost that for whatever reason he decided to stay put and maybe because we have limited spots suitable for sitting.

Then I was asked to check with Christopher today and see if he would tell me why he did not move. Hmmm…. Well, I’ve decided that Christopher wanted to move after breakfast while we were all out of the house 🙂  Do you like his new spot?  This vase suits him.

Decorating Woes


Used another extension cord to get the star and lights plugged in.  We bought this star back when littlest was 3 and he said, “Papa, I want a tar for my tee”.  Too cute!! We just had to get a star.

It’s one of those cheapo ones from Walmart and is super difficult to tie or balance on the tree.  It’s got the tiniest cone…Every year he is disappointed he can’t make it stay himself, but he still tries and then we help.  Last year I made a white paper cone to help it attach.  This year we went the zip tie route.  Can you see the neon blue and green ties? Hmmm…looks like you can’t see it in the pic. I’m thinking about tying ribbon around the base of the star.

Music I loved today, Song and Singer:

“Silent Night” – Trisha Yearwood, “Merry Little Christmas” – Christina Aguilera,

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” – BareNaked Ladies and Sara McLaughlin,

“Do you Hear What I Hear” – Mary J Blige, “Mistletoe” – Justin Beiber,

“Holly Jolly Christmas” – Lady Antebellum

Music I disliked or just SO sick of hearing:

“Santa Baby”- Doesn’t matter who sings this song.  I just HATE it no matter what.

“Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” – liked this when I was 10, but so very SICK OF IT now.

What holiday music are you enjoying or disliking?


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