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isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…


Dance in the rain  

– Vivian Greene


Day 14: My Choice

Day 14 Task – My choice!

After reading the suggested tips and suggestions from the Daily Post zero to hero guide….

I took another look at my reader and added some photography specific related topics: panorama, fisheye, double exposure, iphoneography, iphonography, photo paint.

It’s interesting how words evolve and take off in use and frequency.  A few months ago I learned about the word iphoneography; such a fun word to describe artistic pics taken with an iPhone.  The versatility, ease of use, along with app layering are just too much fun not to play with!

I find it interesting that two different spellings are used:  iphonography is used just as often on wordpress to tag posts.  I’m not seeing that on Wikipedia.  Hmmmm…anyway whichever way it’s “supposed” to be spelt I have both tags in my reader so I won’t miss out on cool pics. Wikipedia lead me – – – Histagram.  Any iphone photo junkies use this app?  Just might have to try it out, but I recently downloaded 3 other iphone apps so will use what I have for the moment 🙂

Yesterday, my choice post was my photo challenge post for Juxtapostion from the Daily Post.  I tried out the image post format and it worked well 🙂 Sometimes just trying, when you have no idea what will happen is the best!

Two great blogs I found to follow today:

  1. My own diary in 365 days
  2. W is for WordPainting

Back to tagging

I am no expert on tagging and still fine tuning that aspect of blogging.  A helpful tip I read the other day about tagging – tag feelings too.

How do you go about tagging?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

My husband’s 1st Quirky Post – ipad accessory

So proud of him going for it and posting this!  Only 5 days left so not looking like Quirky will produce his ipad accessory yet.  He needs 191 votes.  Would you want this product?  I believe it’s very marketable to ipad users 🙂