Day 1: Introducing Me

What inspired me to start this blog?

  1. My sister started a blog a year ago.  I’ve been hooked all year catching up each week on her fashion selections and what clothes she decided to keep or purge.  Her blog is called Mel’s Closet Audit and I’ll post a link. 😉 Her blogging consistency and creativity is truly inspiring to me!
  2. My love for creativity!!!  I started this blog in October 2013 to feed my need for creativity:  writing, photography, art, reading….
  3. Photography – I have always been a shutterbug!  My photos are taken with one of the following:  iPhone, Kodak EasyShare 12mp, or Olympus Stylus SZ-15 16mp 24x zoom.

My intended focus for this blog is photography with tidbits of inspiring information.  Currently, I have 4 categories and starting a 5th with this Zero to Hero challenge!

Why did I name my blog lcsoup’s walk today?

Well,  it’s from my name.  My initials are lc.  The soup part is my husband’s cute way of telling people how to spell his last name.

If someone at a restaurant or on the phone asks how do you spell your last name?  He says, “like the soup”.  Do I need to spell it out?  Hint – Andy Warhol painted a bunch of them. 🙂

The walk today part is because I love to take walks in our small town, Travelers Rest, South Carolina.  Many of my pictures are taken locally.  We live 10 miles north of Greenville, SC and not far from scenic hiking trails, lakes, and such.

Walking at Campbell's covered bridge, a local historic site.

Walking on the hill at Campbell’s covered bridge, a local historic site.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail created in 2010 is a popular biking and walking path that connects our little town’s pedestrian traffic to Greenville’s.  The opening of this trail has resulted in the opening of many new small businesses!  I love being able to step out my front door in about 20 minutes be at the library, coffee shop, restaurant or local shopping.

My first category, My Walk Today, is named for my love of grabbing my camera and taking a walk to see what I find that is photo worthy that day.  It’s always fun when I think I’ve walked this way umpteen times….what else is there to photograph, but I usually do find something new!

My second category, My Leaf Gift Today, is inspired by our 6 year old, son.  This fall he loved to surprise me with a leaf he found!  This is very much like finding wild flowers 🙂 Something I did when I was little.

Next I created a Scripture category.  A spot to share my favorite verses that have inspired me or other spiritual thoughts.  I am a bit behind on this category.  Often I think of something to post, but just don’t get to it.

I have very much enjoyed participating in the Daily Posts weekly photo challenges!  You can find these photos in my Photo Challenge category.  This type of entry is easy for me since I love taking photos!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Introducing Me

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