Day 3: What’s on your Mind

Write the post that was on my mind when I created this blog.

This is easy!  Now where is that easy button so I can push it after hitting Publish 🙂

I initially created this blog to showcase my photos from my daily walk outside.  I have three great photos from a stroll by Reedy River at Falls Park in Greenville, SC.  The entry for this assignment is backdated to October 29, 2013.  The actual day of my walk.

Today it’s FRIGID outside!

The wind is whipping and whirling too.  Brrrrr….supposedly the kids have a three hour delay in the morning.  Good grief!  We will see if we see any wintry mix….occasionally we do indeed have some nasty weather in this part of the south.  It feels good to look at photos from a warmer walk not too long ago 🙂

Ready, Set, BLOG!


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