Day 4: Explore Bloggland

Adding 5 new topics to my reader today….hmmmm

See, see what did I see?

Art, poetry, pics and stories oh my!

It was a fun 20 minutes that turned into AHHH I fell into a WordPress wormhole!  Two hours later I had to peel myself away… 🙂

Topics I Added

Topics I Added

Today, I was trying to get a good pic of a bird nibbling from my new bird feeder today.  I was happy to get a pic at all.  It takes some technique along with trial and error to get good animal pics.  My bird seemed flighty, well they do fly….hehehe.

Anyway, I can relate to this blog I found since I was having bird flight woes.  After commenting I find out she took her pics out the window.  Amazing collage of bird pics on Leave it to the Birds blog and she is a fellow Zero to Hero blogger 🙂  Go check her out!  She’s got some mad bird photo skills.

It’s fun the blogs found that feel like a happy, unexpected surprise that you didn’t even know you needed.  I found some useful marriage advice and two different intriguing stories about a challenge/change in their lives.

Liked up a lot of posts!!!!  Followed a few and liking my new Reader 🙂

Anyone find bizarre topics or tags worth sharing?


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