Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Twisted and knotted yet intricately intertwined, a beautiful mess made into a home.

Sticks jutting this way and that….they appear to be a tangled mess, all knotted up, but we know it’s a home carefully built for babies.  A mother bird building a nest to keep her babies safe until they can fly, fly away.

To me this bird’s nest represents new beginnings. Reminds me of one of my favorite children’s story books I first read to my little cousins and then to my own children:  Dr. Seuss’s, Are you my Mother?

I am pretty much a fan of all things Seuss.  Recently, I read the first five chapters of Dr. Suess and Philosophy “Oh the Thinks you can Think!” Useful information that made me go – Oh that’s what that story was about!  Even if the author’s take on Seuss isn’t the “accurate” intentions of Dr. Seuss it’s still a good read!  I’ll post a handy link to Amazon in case you must take a peak at it.

So next time you are out this winter look up high in the trees to take a peak at the carefully crafted birdie homes 🙂

This shot was taken at the local library with my zoom Olympus 18mp camera.  This is my favorite camera out of my 3 to use for zooming.


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