Day 5: Theme Love

Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you have. Include at least one you would never think of using.

 I am totally in the group of bloggers who LOVE their own theme.  If you haven’t noticed yet I love the widgets and have a mass collection of them.  Widgets are after any posts you are viewing currently the most recent 10.  I truly love a little color and pizzazz which my current theme provides 😉

The four themes I did take a sneak peak at:

  • Flounder – This clean, green style was intriguing.  I most liked how handy the tag cloud was.  Nice and easy to click on my different topics without scrolling down so much.
  • Spun – a minimalist style. It took my pics and put them in a black and white circular template.  Interesting, but where is my Piccadilly oops I mean pizzazz…yeah this theme is most likely in my NEVER category…No, it’s not that bad…I’m just in LOVE with color.  Where is the color?  Eek, I’m scared.
  • Shine On – Love the title, colors, and colorful owl sketch.  If you are hunting for a good them totally give this one a peak.  🙂
  • 2014 – This theme almost, yes almost has me clicking that activate button.  The look is clean lined yet has 4 different splash of color options.  I love how the gadgets are allingned on the left and right sides of posts.  Nice layout and you know how very much in LOVE I am with my widgets so I might be giving this one another look at a future date.

Today keeping my lovely theme as is 🙂  Sneeking a peak at other themes was worth it!  Helped me think about versatility and function for my blog.

Updates implementing today:

  • New lens:  camera icon updated
  • Post quantity from 10 down to 5
  • Rearranged my gadgets
  • New splash of color

So, are you in LOVE with your blogs theme?  Branch out and you just might change something.

Totally off the wall

Anyone know without using a dictionary what a Piccadilly is?  the autocorrect on my ipad brought it up…strange since this is an ancient word.  Oops, I gave you a hint 😉


4 thoughts on “Day 5: Theme Love

  1. nice post! I also kept my theme as it was. I was activated spun, 2014 and 2012. I like colourful so I didn’t like spun. 2012 is very nice. I’m interested to make a child theme of it. I like blog style so rejected 2014. Firmasite on is very colourful theme but it doesn’t support galleries. I stopped at Evolve which is really a very nice theme. I’m just updating blog’s footer. It’s little terrible right now. 😀 I’m on 🙂 Best Wishes for you! Happy Blogging.

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