Day 6: Trying a New Element

I love the ease of use and simple editing functions that Instagram provides on my phone. Since I love, love Instagram I decided to embed a few of my recent Instapics today for my something new.  Updating my Instagram widget too.  Love seeing these pics on a bigger scale verses my iphone!

A tree captured on a walk using the noir filter on my iPhone 5c. Love this filter!  These first 2 pics are from a short walk I took in a parking lot while waiting for a friend 🙂

We have had quite a few rainy days this fall and now winter. I’m getting lots of opportunities to wear my rain boots! This is me jumping in some puddles in a light sprinkle of rain.  So very thankful that when we had that freak of a cold snap – 9 degree weather (this is the SOUTH people) that it did not rain a drop!!  Ice storms in the south are such nasty events.  Best to be avoided 🙂

This is a cool stream of water beneath Campbell’s covered bridge. Taking a splash with my littlest man.  Nature walk fun!

My Instagram name is LCSOUPGMAIL if you are also into Instagraming 🙂  This was fun learning a new way to connect my Instagram account to my blog.

Are you an Instagram lover or hater and WHY?


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