Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Raindrops collective each drop pooling on my heart. Each small drip with it’s own intentions, well meaning or not….how to tell which drop to let in?

Too many “ill” droplets pool up bringing flooding waters no heart can carry…too much water is heavy, heavy, heavy.

My heart yearns for “love” droplets to lift me up in times of doubt. Searching for the love droplets and cherishing them today.

Sitting, looking, and seeing the effects of flash flooding through the window which later prompted the above poem.

Used Pix app filters for the 1st pic.

Wow!  Just found this great article about iPhone camera apps. Thinking Grungtastic and Magic Shutter are calling my name! Great read if you are looking for a new photo app 🙂

Used Wordfoto app for this photo of my windshield.


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