Day 8: All About Me

Task:  Make my About page irresistible!!!

My about me page was quickly put together before…This task is the most challenging so far…So, HERE I GO…

Brainstorming and what it turned into:

  1. Know my goal – – – Share my love of photography and to inspire, join me on my journey to learn with me about how to improve blogs
  2. Describe me – – – creative, writer, photographer, artist, enthusiasm for exercise, mother, spiritual, mindful, edgy, thoughtful, insightful, listener.
  3. Say what? – – – Need a place to take a sip of inspiration?  A photo, poem, or thoughtful is here in this soup bowl.
  4. Blog tag line – – – Sharing a snapshot of my walk.
  5. Pitch my About page to a friend – – –  Take a look at my About Me page 🙂

As always constructive comments or compliments are welcome in my soup blogging life.  

So whatcha think?

*Side Note – I am currently looking through the blog neighborhood for 10 new up and coming bloggers like myself to pass on the Leibster Award to!!!  If you would like to be considered (200 followers or less & your blog is awesome).  Post a link to your blog for me to take a peek!  I do have two in mind already 🙂


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