Today’s assignment: Follow five more blogs and/or topics.

For this task I created a Leibster Award page to nominate 10 blogs to pass on some blogging sunshine!!!

Answered my questions for the blogger who nominated me.  This is a good way to get to know the blogger behind the blog you follow 🙂

Check out my new page to see the interesting blogs I found!  Each blog I liked for different reasons:

  • Consistent researched content
  • Poetic writing
  • Captivating photography
  • Interesting story for why they blog
  • Nature art
  • Nature photos
  • Fine tuned layouts

To wrap it up ~ pretty sure I ended up following 15 more blogs and added 7 more topics to my reader 🙂

 Topics Added:  spiritual, haiku, healing, collective, collection, zero to hero, and dragon just to keep it interesting.


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