Day 10: Dressing up my blog today

Task:  Add and customize two widgets

Recently, I added a 2014 Post a Week badge for the weekly photo challenge I participate in with the Daily Post.  Go me!!!  One down and one more to go.  Woohoo!!!

Nah…that would be boring.  Im feeling ambitious today:)

I have had it on my mind to add my Liebster badge as an Image widget! Why not do that today 🙂 I also added a Search widget and shuffled my widgets around again.

I really LOVE playing with a new widget!  If you haven’t tried yet – GO FOR IT.  The Image widget is very versatile since all you need is a link to your image and then whatever you decide to call it.  Called my badge Leibster love 🙂 Sending everyone some blogging love!!!


After updating the widgets I noticed my Zero to Hero category wasn’t added to my menu.  Gasp… chokeOh, No!!!

See below how I went to the Appearance/Menu section in my Dashboard and then selected Zero to Hero category with the check box & clicked add to Menu.  Yeah!!!  Problem fixed.  That was easy, peasy rumble easy.  Then I was free to toss them around in my soup bowl and I did! 🙂



One thought on “Day 10: Dressing up my blog today

  1. Dear Soup. Apologies for the interruption, please. Another question. It is about pingbacks, whose purpose are maybe to leave a message on somebody’s site and let a sender know… what? Not sure. The pingback message I received led back to a site ambiguously derogatory toward the dignity of disabled persons. Admittedly it caused me to think, but this did not seem appropriate content for my site. Maybe there are other pingbacks I would like to have someday. Would you have a few wise words for a gardener about the proper cultivation of pingbacks? – The Healing Garden gardener

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