Day 11: Reaching Out in Blogland

Today’s task:  Leave comments on 3 new blogs that I’ve never commented on before.

Check out these cool bloggers I found:

  1. Stir and Swoon – a professional photography site.  I love her hazy city pics 🙂
  2. Torch Girl, 365 Days with my iPhone – I love that she is committing herself to an entire year to participate in the iphoneography world vs DSLR camera.  Kudos to her for being open!
  3. Tracy J Thomas photography, A Thousand Words – Check out her 4 honorable mentions in the 3rd annual mobile photography awards.  Spectacular photos taken with an iPhone.  Wow!!!  How can anyone say mobile devices can’t be used for professional pics after viewing the pics from this award event.  Take a peak at the other nominees, you won’t regret it!

A quick photo I took today With my iphone 😉



3 thoughts on “Day 11: Reaching Out in Blogland

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