Weekly Photo Challenge: Family // Friends


Most of my family branched out and live quite a distance away.

Sometimes friends are closer than family.

Here are a few pics from girls night last week 🙂

My good friend Rachel organizes girls night out once a month.  Thanks Rachel!

Waiting is never a bore with this group!  Thanks to Melissa we didn’t wait too long. Woohoo!!!



Hehehe…these two lovely ladies are cousins.


My friend Susan! She has a blog for her photography class.

There was quite a crowd at Texas Roadhouse we almost went elsewhere, but we didn’t 🙂


Giggles, and

Laughing are all the norm on girls nights.

My friend Susan’s blog – Life in the Curve.  She has quite a collection of pics.  Today I noticed her “oil” painting effect on some photos of Italy.  Pretty Neato 🙂

For my photos I used: Instapicframe, Vintique, InstaEffects, Pixlromatic Apps.

Do you ever app layer your photos?  



My heart shaped chicken

My heart shaped chicken


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