Day 12: Be Inspired by the Community

Today I’m being inspired by my fellow weekly photo challenge bloggers, Daily Post, for this weeks prompt: Juxtaposition 

I always love to peek around after the topic is announced to help push me in some sorta direction for my photo shoot 😉 Such fun to check out a few interpretations before knowing my pic of the week.  Yes, the blogging world is truly an inspiring, eclectic Community to be a part of!

I’ve been editing my family entry, last week’s topic, all week and just now finishing up.  Comments are closed, but oh well….it’s a longer post guess that’s why.

So, to give myself a jump start here is my inspiration I located in the blogging community for next weeks photo challenge:

Eyes to Heart – Bold Color vs Black and White
The Uge to Wander – Oddly Interesting
Cee’s Photography – three great examples 🙂
The Numpty – Sculpture on the beach

Thinking I want to shoot something in black and white….whatever I may find.


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