Day 13: Building my blogroll – say what?

Today’s Assignment: Create, edit, or expand your blogroll.

No blogroll yet…hmmm.  This was something I needed to think about for a bit.  To add another widget or not? Actually, I don’t consider myself much of a web surfer.  On that thought I looked up a definition online for web surfing:

Jumping from page to page on the Web. Just as in “TV channel surfing,” where one clicks the remote to go from channel to channel, the hyperlinks on Web pages make it easy to go from one page to another.

After reading this I think just about THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE surfs the web from time to time….for me it’s when I get curious about a topic or cool idea.  My most common online activities include: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, oh yeah and here on WordPress of course 😉 Love that reader!

What I love most about blogs are the ones that make my curiosity jump up and down on a trampoline inside my brain!  This leads me to web surfing a topic that sprung from their post in addition to checking out their links.

So, obviously I was wrong about myself.  I am a web surfer 😮 Occasionally, I have links to share on this blog space of mine.  With that said, why not try the blogroll widget?  Throwing my blog dice and diving in to yet another widget smidget!  Today my blogroll was created and expanded.

If you are wanting to try this nifty WordPress widget tool:

  • Appearance/Widget menu in your Dashboard
  • Find the Link widget (on the left from the widget list in alphabetical order)
  • Select which area (footer or column) to add your widget to.  Your theme choice will determine what options are available.  Mine are footers at the end of my blog.
  • My blogroll to start out is a baby one – Shows 5 links at a time
  • Selected the Random option too 🙂

As suggested by the Zero to Hero day 13 from the Daily Post I added a few additional links today.  From the smorgasbord available to all of us online — this is what came to my mind:

  • The Pioneer Woman (I’m trying to teach myself to cook better and more often for my kids and oh yeah that husband of mine 🙂  Decided to purchase her book for cooking inspiration!  Glossy photos with a story should get me in the kitchen, right?  This site was a recommendation from my sister 😉 I mentioned her blog on Day 1.
  • Another blogger friend came to mind:  My friend Jill’s, Lost and Not Found blog space.  I asked her for some blogging advice before I jumped into blog land.  She was most helpful!
  • My husband spends time on Quirky – a social site for inventors who post their ideas or people interested in collaborating with inventors to push the popular ideas to the top.  The idea is to not only vote for the product, but offer improvement suggestions as well.  If the product takes off and Quirky manufacturers are into it then part of the income goes back to the “influencers”.  Take a peak at my husband’s page to see how much influence (percentage) he has on Quirky products 🙂
  • While web surfing for this post I came across another blog I like so adding this one too In pursuit of happiness.  Purchased her book on my kindle and loving her life coach/advice posts!

* After reviewing my widgets once again I opted to show my two most recent Instagram pics rather than one and shortened my tag cloud from 70 down to 35 tags.


5 thoughts on “Day 13: Building my blogroll – say what?

  1. Ha! We found a whole new part of your blog at the footer, Soup. This topic of yours is very important here at our blog, because we too, are considering a blog roll and other widgets. There are a dozen or so places I go for a good read, or expert advice, to relax and be educated. It is difficult to find these places. Like a blind squirrel, we follow a crooked path through our blog looking for the ‘right’ link. At the same time, as someone with visual and hearing disabilities, it is very difficult for me to process the information, for example, in your footer. It is beautiful. It is how I wish my blog looked, with information floating over a beautiful background. Because of my neurological limitations, I can use this image for my enjoyment. It is very difficult for me to use, or manipulate the information. I am going to see if I can make a blogroll on a separate Page. I’ll give you an update on progress. – The Healing Garden gardener

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