In Memory of my Leaf Gifts

Reminiscing and missing my leaf gifts 😦

What I’m missing is how we bonded over what the leaf looked like, it’s color, and his 6 yr old funny, cute descriptions. This past fall it was Always a joy to hear him running with delight, leaf in hand, with plenty of hugs and kisses too.

Now I’m looking for new ways to bond with him in the evening

Do you have a winter season bonding suggestions?Β Β I’m all ears if you do πŸ˜‰

Tonight we bonded over story books πŸ™‚ Cold out so why not cuddle, right? We read often so not something new, but always a nice way to start a fun conversation with him!

Lately, he is into science books! Yeah!!! Tonight the thorny devil animal from the desert caught my interest. How cool! I just learned these little guys spit blood if threatened enough.

His 6 yr old interest peaked when I read the hydration factoid about how they catch dew drops on their body, the dew slides from anywhere on it’s body into his mouth. He said, “The tail is like his slide”. Very cool spikes this little guy has all over his body.

I ended up pressing the leaves and making a painting. He liked that I put them to use. Pictured my painting with a new fisheye ap I just downloaded.




5 thoughts on “In Memory of my Leaf Gifts

  1. Soup. Thank you for the sweet images in your post. It is a wonder filled thing to encourage the appreciation of life. Leaves hold great mystery. They are the visible footprints in the invisible growth of a plant. Explore. Encourage healthy exploration. From where do leaves come? This time of year many branches have buds that are becoming… leaves!

    This leads to far reaching questions. How do you know which twig buds will leaf and grow? Take one home. Put it in a vase. This is called forcing. Here is a short how-to from Purdue University ( Almost every twig at this season will begin to leaf if put in water indoors. Take two or three and compare new leaves. There are mysterious patterns to the way leaves unfold differently.

    Most importantly, are the lessons possible on walks regarding twig gathering for leaf forcing. Who’s twigs may we snap? What is the best way to snap a twig? Why do some twigs snap and some not? How are branches made and from where do they come? Will branches grow from leaves? Some.

    In the Healing Garden, we consider twig snapping a fine art and good play. It would be frowned on for everybody else to snap twigs from the Garden, but there are useful snappable twigs within a stone’s throw in the hedges and wild places. Happy snapping. – The Healing Garden gardener

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