Day 14: My Choice

Day 14 Task – My choice!

After reading the suggested tips and suggestions from the Daily Post zero to hero guide….

I took another look at my reader and added some photography specific related topics: panorama, fisheye, double exposure, iphoneography, iphonography, photo paint.

It’s interesting how words evolve and take off in use and frequency.  A few months ago I learned about the word iphoneography; such a fun word to describe artistic pics taken with an iPhone.  The versatility, ease of use, along with app layering are just too much fun not to play with!

I find it interesting that two different spellings are used:  iphonography is used just as often on wordpress to tag posts.  I’m not seeing that on Wikipedia.  Hmmmm…anyway whichever way it’s “supposed” to be spelt I have both tags in my reader so I won’t miss out on cool pics. Wikipedia lead me – – – Histagram.  Any iphone photo junkies use this app?  Just might have to try it out, but I recently downloaded 3 other iphone apps so will use what I have for the moment 🙂

Yesterday, my choice post was my photo challenge post for Juxtapostion from the Daily Post.  I tried out the image post format and it worked well 🙂 Sometimes just trying, when you have no idea what will happen is the best!

Two great blogs I found to follow today:

  1. My own diary in 365 days
  2. W is for WordPainting

Back to tagging

I am no expert on tagging and still fine tuning that aspect of blogging.  A helpful tip I read the other day about tagging – tag feelings too.

How do you go about tagging?


8 thoughts on “Day 14: My Choice

  1. Dear Lisa, Thank you very much for following my blog and linking this in your post, I am very honored. Your photography with the iPhone is great. I look forward to seeing more. ♡ Kathy

  2. Thanking you for courageously scouting ahead and reporting back your interesting finds. Faced with the challenge of tags, I just used lots. More than 15 don’t work. I choose tags to sort my posts for my own interest. I use specific tags that will direct others to specific references in my post. Tags for ‘invisible’s things that are not things at all are more difficult. Creative tagging is important, too. – The Healing Garden gardener

  3. Thanks for your reply garden 🙂 I just love all your comments! Typically I use 3-5 tags is that too many? Is it better to be more specific with one or two tags? Whatcha think?

  4. There are as many kinds of bloggers and blogs as there are gardeners and gardens. The Healing Garden blog helps manage the Garden and keep track of lots of details many others take for granted. Tags at garden98110 are meant to invisibly give cognitive gardening help to the Healing Garden gardener. Tags at garden98110 are meant to give botanical help caring for the Garden. Our brains automatically provide us many social graces such as not staying too long or talking too long. Tags (and comments) at garden 98110 are meant to attract social practice (in the most positive ways). Essential to socializing in the Healing Garden is cooperative sharing. There is never too much practice in the art of giving and receiving. Learning how to say, “yes” and “no” with the sun shining through. And if perchance, the next Healing Garden gardener cannot read and write, there will be lots of pictures to connect the dots. Tags are a way of saying more in our posts through sharing connections with others, too. – The Healing Garden gardener
    P.S. We in the Healing Garden are extraordinary grateful for your Soup blog. Your new background is super – no pun (not sure, is this called wallpaper?). Your courage to try new things, reach out to new people and experience different points of view is inspiring. Thanks very much. THGg

    • Yes, it’s wallpaper. I love how you said tags give “invisible cognitive gardening help”, Wow! One tiny word can be so powerful. Truly thankful that my blog is helpful to the Healing Garden.

      • Often, when recommending something, it is our habit to reexamine its utility. Admittedly, tags give us some grief. Too many changes, too many tags and we are locked out of that tag category and the post is not indexed with all the other bloggers’ tags. This is to prevent misuse for some purpose we do not entirely understand. More understanding would prevent us from goofing up.

        As folk wisdom would have it, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the Healing Garden, we prefer healing to curing. Cures are usually very dear, while healing is something only you can learn to do for yourself. For example, try clicking on the link “heal” ( — The Healing Garden gardener

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