Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

MillefioriThis is my birthday gift from my husband 🙂

He gave me a thousand flowers in one ring!

The Millefiori design was handcrafted in Italy.  I love an object that has a story or in this case a rich, artistic history.

The pamphlet that came with my ring reads:  

“The Venetian Murrina originates from ancient Roman, Alexandrian and Phoenician glassware.  Small segments of differently shaped and colored glass rods, the famous “MILLEFIORI” which means “a thousand flowers”, are laid close together and then fused into tiny mosaics, each of them being absolutely unique.

It owes it’s particular beauty to a very complicated and skillful process which was rediscovered by the glass makers of Murano in the Middle Ages. Each piece is a one-of-the-kind work of art, entirely hand made in the most famous city in the world for glassmaking: Venice.”

This ring’s design was made by:  Alan K

How Italian Millefiori is made.  This utube video shows the process.

*Thanks Daily Post for the photo challenge.


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