Day 15: Customize Smustamize…

Task: Play with the Customize option settings and try out the Custom Fonts preview.  sabre

What I did today:

  1. Updated my camera icon to pink - Sabre
  2. Found a new background pic
  3. Read more wordpress articles
  4. Tried some new word formatting

Definition of the word Sabre:

  1. light dueling or fencing sword having an arched guard covering the hand and a tapered flexible blade with a cutting edge on one side and on the tip.

After reading the definition of Sabre – I must admit this sword sounds like the coolest sword EVER!!!  I can see why this word was used to describe a nifty icon; who doesn’t want a light, flexible and cutting edge camera in the world of photography?  I most certainly do and love having those adjectives used to describe my photos as well.

*Whenever I’m reading articles about themes and customizing capabilities on WordPress I always get a little excited when I see my theme mentioned 🙂  Vintage Camera.  

If you are on the prowl for a great theme:  

Check out some wordpress Themespiration.  I saw a journal theme that was super funky and vintage montage theme too, but now can’t seem to find it on WordPress anywhere…. If found I promise to share.

– – – Messed around with the size of my background photo for about 30 minutes and I think this new background works well.  Yes, I did try on the Custom Fonts for headers and paragraphs.  I do love different fonts, but I’m not ready to leap…  quite yet.  I was also surprised that the font list wasn’t as long as I expected, but I’m sure the font choice is different depending on your theme.  Instead I messed around with my paragraph, preformatted, and heading options 2, 3, 4, 5.  I had not yet utilized this function 🙂  The preformatted added the gray box and look at that I have white words – – –

Directions for Word Formatting (ignore if you are a wordpress pro):
  • Go to Dashboard on your computer or ipad not your phone
  • Type a sentence for your Header
  • Place your cursor anywhere in your sentence
  • Now look up where you see the word Paragraph
  • Click the drop down arrow
  • Wow! Now look at all those OPTIONS for your words 🙂
Here is a smaller version of my background pic:

vines on an abandoned building


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