Day 16: Get inspired from a Writing Prompt or not…

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on today’s Daily Prompt.

Ok, so I’m not a fan of writing prompts just yet… I did read it in case your wondering 😉

Since my blog is photo centric I decided that this Zero the Hero suggestion would be to develop an idea I already have not related to photography.  At first I was going to do a post about improving memory or aka “mom brain” (side note – I’ve always HATED this term…).

Then, this morning at breakfast after focusing on my affirmations – – – sitting quiet – – – my thoughts drifted to my Day 16 writing prompt – – –  this idea came about.  I’ve learned how to nip worry in the bud 🙂 so all that unnecessary soup stewing is simmered down.  Much easier said than done… I know all too well.  Here are a few tips that I have found to be useful for me and gleaned from family, friends, and books/blogs.

Serving you up some proverbial soup and wishing you a warm soul.

Helping Worry (oxymoron – really Kicking worry out)

  1. The minute a worry enters your consciousness think CTL ALT DEL and replace with a positive one (created this one with help from my Life Coach).
  2. Feeling a worry coming on?  Why not pray about it?  I do this often.  The act of giving the worry to God to handle, for me, is such a relief (this was from a devotional book – not sure which one).
  3. Thankfulness – look for the good in life all throughout your day!  If you would like to start a thankful practice to help make it a habit – – – write down all the good that that occurred that day or yesterday or last week even.  Depending on the time and frequency you decide is best for you to write (I use a journal).  This idea was partially inspired from pursuit of happiness blog (oops this is a movie – look for the happy blog in my blogroll) and the other part is from me 🙂 personal experience.
  4. Get it out!  Journal, talk to a friend or family member who is capable to positive talk you out of worry to keep from working on overdrive.  Like a hamster running on an endless wheel…  Side note #1 – It will NOT always be the same person (for me it has been my family, friends, life coach).  One person is not capable of this ALL the time – 24-7 and that is ok!
  5. After the above is put into practice – Let it go!!!  Stewing in your worrisome soup bowl that’s gone cold is not pleasant for anyone involved.

*This is meant for people like me who need to reduce the amount of time and energy devoted to worry…NOT at all saying that we shouldn’t have concerns.

Changed my Leave a reply to – Leave your flavor.  Leave your ingredient was my runner up.  Which do you like better – Flavor or ingredient?


3 thoughts on “Day 16: Get inspired from a Writing Prompt or not…

  1. We are told the Healing Garden gardener’s Grandmother had a saying about worry. “It’s not time to worry yet. And when it’s time to worry, it’s too late.” — The Healing Garden gardener

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