Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Big Mouth

Big Mouth

My husband absolutely hates the word selfie 🙂 Cracks me up at how dead set against the word he is…He is very into computers and photography, but the word selfie just annoys him.  He says this word causes his eyes to stumble over it since in his mind it’s not a real word.  Rather than selfie he sees selfish.  It causes his reading pace to slow down.  I can see why this would be frustrating.

I myself like this word 🙂  If you look at language development it’s constantly creating new words all the time.  This photo shoot I prepped quite a few photos to include in this post, but this mouth pic is the most significant.  I’m not saying my mouth is large, weird, or that I’m a loudmouth.  I’m working on a scrapbook of my Dad’s old pictures.  Anyway, so one of the pictures my Dad writes “No good, Big Mouth”.  He didn’t like any pictures taken with his mouth open (showing teeth).  I’m so not like that…it’s hard to get a pic of me without a full grin!  🙂 My last professional photo shoot the photographer had to ask for a closed mouth smile.  My father passed away in 2008.  So I can’t tell him this now, but if I could I would say, Dad – love your mouth, love your selfie self.

*Thanks Daily Post for another reflective photo challenge.

In our household our kids tend to make up words.  Can you interpret them?  We use these “made up” words:

Wellow/ Geep Up / Slath/ Apptle / Soffle / Living Loom…hmmm I thought we had more than this.  If I remember or notice another one I’ll update this post.

What do you think of the word selfie?  Like it?  Hate it?  Mixed feelings?


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

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  2. For some reason, the word selfie drifted on the wind into the Healing Garden this Winter. If it were a plant, instead of a word, of course it would be mistaken for a weed. Which is a plant not yet recognized as a flower. Good to see you handle it all with dignity. For this, your Dad would be grateful. — The Healing Garden gardener

      • Right. This would be a good example of practice in social graces. Face to face conversation does not give us a transcript reread. Embarrassingly, this reads as if we compared your selfie to a portrait of a weed, which is easily mistaken. In the Healing Garden, we are grateful for two feet. When one is planted firmly in our mouth, one could possibly remain firmly on the ground. A good gardener always gives credit for inspiration, and we have painted many weeds of great beauty. This is not precisely what we mean to say, either. Any gardener can see you are not a weed. — The Healing Garden gardener

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