Day 17: Increasing my Commenting Confidence

Today:  Read 6 posts and comment on two; then write my own post from a writing prompt!!!  

EEK – Ok, I’m all in now And willing to TRY a writing prompt!  After all I am a Zero to Hero blogger diligently tasking away from the Daily Post’s plethora of blogging wisdom 😉 Stumbled upon Jaklumen.  Check out his updated Zero to Hero badge.  I’m loving the journey analogy!  It’s fun to learn this way and see my own personal blogging style evolving and growing through these Zero to Hero challenges.

I’m sure I read more than 6 posts, but who is counting anyway? Commenting is a good suggestion for me; often I like a post, but comment?  Well sometimes… So here are the blogs I commented on:  Veronica, Torchgirl, and Cee.

This didn’t take long at all and I enjoyed the blog posts I read in addition to the interaction 🙂

What I Learned

Now for the 2nd part of this daily Zero to Hero challenge.  That writing prompt I thought wasn’t for me…

Ok, that was quick!  I read three prompts and went back to the first one.  At first I didn’t think it was a good one for me, but a second glance was all it took.  In a matter of five minutes I found a suitable prompt to produce a quick and hopefully interesting post.  So in a separate post I will participate in the Daily Post weekly writing challenge prompt.  Who knows maybe I’ll start a writing prompt category…

Such a nice surprise from garden1198 at The Healing Garden for The Versatile Blogging Award!  I checked out the tag “heal”, Garden.  Thanks so very much and happy blogging to everyone!!!  After this task I do believe I will comment more often to blog posts I read and connect with 🙂 Success!  Commenting confidence is UP.


3 thoughts on “Day 17: Increasing my Commenting Confidence

  1. Hi Soup. In the Healing Garden we were happy to hear that you follow Mr. Davis, and his story about his Brother. There is a lot to be said for his blog. Unflinching honesty is rarely easy, especially in public view, let alone before the mirror of self. Among his many paths to self honesty, the Healing Garden gardener is especially fond of his watercolors.

    Did you see his latest post? Sometimes, all together, there is so much “input” in a post for me. Words. Pictures. Feelings. Questions. Thoughts. Lost connections. Found connections. The Healing Garden will always have a purpose.

    It is like a garden plot somebody else has prepared for us and is begging, waiting, for comments to grow. Inside of each of us are so many constructive comments. Turning attention to the ‘making of comments process’ from the ‘search for the perfect comment every time’ is helpful too. For this Healing Garden gardener, it is true that the art of good comments sprouts from the practice of many imperfect comments. — THGg

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