Snow leaves

This post is for a friend who reminded me to go small 😉 

Mission statement for my blog:  Putting the pieces of photo life together to explore a new path to healing ~ ♥ Soup




4 thoughts on “Snow leaves

  1. A path to healing is a powerful goal. It is like the path to life. We are all already alive and healing. The choosing is the doing. It is along on the path. We in the Healing Garden look at your wonderful snaps of leaves and trees. Winter snow and all. Healing. And beautiful. And alive. — THGg

    • Yes, it is a powerful goal and yes we all choose healing for life every day or not. I’m choosing healing for me and it’s wonderful to share a piece of that with others too 🙂

      • Soup, you win the Healing Prize for inspiration to heal, 21 February, 2014. Healing inspiration is the cause for celebration! A new garden plant, “checkered lilies” (Fritillaria meleagris), added today. Available for viewing tomorrow in the Healing Garden. Here online. Once found commonly in England, and now a rare plant. We dedicate the checkered lilies in your honor, to choosing healing for life every day. Thank you. — THGg

      • So honored Garden! I will be sure to check out your post 🙂 My ancestors are from England so this is very special to me. Almost made me cry, garden & then I had this burst of creativity flowing!

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