Today my little boy has been learning the hard way ALL day long…

In the midst between the temper tantrums he came outside and sat next to me all smiles and giggling at the birds that were singing beautiful songs to us!

Next he surprised me with this piece of bark and said, “Here is a little “l” that stands for love. Now you can look at it and think of love”.

Adorable!!! I choose to recall his sweet way that he decided to show his love to me today vs the screaming tantrums. In this same moment he told me what he thought the bird was doing – looking for his mother even though he was already a grown up.

What made you smile or laugh today?

*Sweet moment today and I’m so glad I captured the moment with words and a picture!


2 thoughts on “Bark Gift

  1. I like how you phrased that “I choose to recall his sweet way…” So much of our attitude and outlook is affected by the way we choose to see things.

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