A Budding Question

Calling All Gardeners:  Trying Forcing

I clipped a branch that buds purple or maybe white or was it pink flowers?  Um…obviously not recalling the color – – – hehehe.  Not sure of the name either…this tree came with our house 🙂

Currently, I am teaching myself more about plants and planting, but I have LOTS to learn.

It’s not freezing weather here in the southeast anymore. Trying to turn my fusha pink thumb to green 🙂 When I clipped this branch four days ago it was a sunny 64 degree afternoon.  I’m changing the water daily and giving it a little plant food every other day.

Let the Countdown to Blooming Commence!

Other plant caring suggestions are so very welcome!  What’s your favorite indoor plant?  I’m looking for a desk plant for work too.

It going to be awesome to see this bloom Indoors.  My kids think this is so cool!  This is my very first poll – So excited!!!  Take a guess ~ I will keep track of the waiting to bloom days.  Looking forward to taking a pic of my blooms to announce the correct guess.


Up close and personal bud


Full view


2 thoughts on “A Budding Question

  1. Here in the Healing Garden, we think this is a magnolia bud! Or a tulip tree, same family. Deciduous (the leaves fall down in Autumn). More than 200 varieties. Although, I am not too swift with plant identification. We recommend for you a “prayer plant”. on your desk 🙂

    Wikipedia picture here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Maranta_leuconeura3.jpg. There are lots of variations. And all the leaves have beautiful colors. These will grow in low light, too. — THGg

    • How cool! I bet you are correct. Magnolia’s are super common here. Just looked up some prayer plant pics. I love!! So pretty – great suggestion as always 😉 Great reminder for me too – to pray.

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