Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge / Meditation on Orange

Ok, so I wasn’t even going to participate in this photo challenge that I eye-spied on Cee’s blog earlier this week (great challenge Cee – I thought I was busy doing something else…) and then walking about the past three days, in and out of the house, I found myself gravitating towards the color orange when taking photos and how could I not since it’s one of my favorite colors right up there with turquoise.

From my yoga mat to yours ~ Photo story of orange 


Day 1

Went on a walk earlier in the day than I normally do and much to my surprise I found an organic farmers market truck within walking distance from my house!  SCORE – fresh, organic veges – Yum 🙂

What do you think of my angle on these carrots?  Even though the tomatoes are blurry I still like the photo (other pics were blurrier).


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Beautiful carrots and tomatoes I added to my fresh organic spring mix of greens for lunch.  Thinking about planting a window herb garden and maybe a tomato plant to try my hand at growing something of my own.  Surprisingly, I have not had much success in the past with growing plants and such…  My indoor potted plant that should have been “easy” deceased after only 3 weeks.  Although, I have not ever tried to grow veges.

Any tips for indoor/patio gardening?

Day 2

Oldest son (he’s 11) – stayed home sick with a slightish fever & itchy throat.  This is his orange he sucked on at breakfast and supposedly ate it.  Looks like food is still in this pic to me, but yeah I see he spit some seeds out too.  He must have eaten something 🙂


Selected the theme color to wear today and then just had to paint my nails to match 🙂 Not the perfect mani, but FUN!



Day 3

This morning noticed my shower accessory is orange.  I like the contrast in these photos!  One dark & intriguing while the other is soft & soothing.

Are you drawn to one over the other?  I think they are opposites so I like them equally.



Walked around the corner of the house this morning to take a picture of something else and found this budding surprise that is orange too!!!  We had quite a heavy thunderstorm about an hour before these photos were taken.  Lovely water droplets next to the orange buds 🙂


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeditating on the color orange for three days almost by accident (noticed after the 1st day – hey, I took some orange photos.  Guess I will do that challenge) has been a lovely, thankful experience.  I knew I liked this color, but noticing a certain color and taking a moment to capture one color through my photography is a wonderful way to bring a calming, mindfulness to my heart and soul.

My photos often do get up close and personal!  This last photo is my favorite with it’s focus on the wet bud itself and all else a magnificent blur.

What aspects of nature do you feel drawn to photograph more?

Do you have a favorite focus or photo technique?

Seriously, I would love to hear your flavor or perspective on photo soup, anytime!

“Live to learn to love.

Learn to love to live.

Love to live to learn

so that you may live the life that you yearn.”

― Rico Dasheem


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