Daily Prompt: Singing the blues

Thanks Daily Post for this prompt!

We all feel down from time to time.  How do you combat the blues?  What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?

Needed to get this out of my brain today:

This writing prompt was audibly singing my tune today cuz I got the blues…Yeah I got the blues. ¬†On a normal ugh… it’s a rainy day; I put on my hot pink, black buckled rain boots with white and green stars to lift up my rainy day blues moodiness. ¬†Today that didn’t cut it….

On¬†this rainy afternoon what am I doing? ¬†Sitting on my couch of self-pity watching episodes of New Girl (she’s funny and usually makes me laugh). ¬†Today all Jess gets is a half hearted laugh. ¬†I knew this was just a temporary distraction and soon I would need to deal with what was troubling me.

Anyway, enough about what is “bothering” me today….How did I reach deep inside of me and pull out some SMILES? ¬†Come with me lets climb up the ladder out of Bluesville city. ¬†After much sulking ~ I pulled myself up and over each of my self made boohoo ladder rungs ~ eventually I climbed away from the TV and to my photos I went ūüôā ¬†This photo of my little boy caught my heart and helped my smile return!


How can anyone not smile after viewing this gigantor grin? ¬†His bandaid in this photo is special to me since this week he asked for this same Cars themed bandaid on the exact same knee – 4 months later. ¬†He tends to get bumps and scrapes often ūüėČ

I know this won’t be the last time I’m feeling down, but allowing the fog to lift through my photography is exactly why I started this blog. ¬†Photography is what lifts my spirits to soar higher once again! ¬†My photography and art are pieces of me. ¬†It makes me vulnerable to share, but happier that I do.

My son’s smile in this photo made me pause, appreciate, and listen to the moment. ¬†What did I hear? ¬†A red bird trilling a song in the misty raindrops dripping in the early evening. ¬†I grabbed my camera and put on my brightly colored rain boots to enjoy this bird’s song. ¬†Yes, I took a few pics of him too.

Tips to help you with a case of blues:

  • Brightly colored clothes or boots (aka color therapy)
  • Pictures of loved ones
  • Photography you enjoy looking at
  • Get up and take your own photos (there is something uplifting about creating)

Do you love to search online for cute puppy or kitten pics?  Are breath-taking landscapes your photo fix?  Tell me ~ What does photography do for you?

Worry Jar ~ Practicing Mindfulness

This week I made a “Worry Jar” and I took it to a new soupy, stupendously, fun fantastic level! Arts and crafts are my BFFs ūüėČ

First, I found an empty plastic coffee can with lid. I used my tons of scrapbook materials to decorate my jar. Worries are no fun, but the jar can be happily decorated!

On the outside of the jar I labeled the circles with positive thinking skills that I practice: Opposite Action, Yoga, Walking, In the Present Moment, Music, Everyday Mindfulness, Visualizations, Meditation, Prayers, Affirmations, Deep Breathing, Reducing Painful Emotions, HALTS.

Next, I cut a rectangle hole in the top to slip my worries in the jar. The polka dot ribbon on top of my jar is for Mental Health awareness. Hopefully, by just sharing this mental health technique with my fellow bloggers we will all be reminded of the utmost importance of caring for our minds.

See the purpose of this jar is to write your worry on a slip of paper (post-it-note or any sort of paper you have) and place it in the worry jar. If you are not home during the day, no worries, just keep tabs on those worries, jot them down on paper and once you return home place them in your jar. I’ve been using notebook paper and then cutting them out.

Once the worry is jotted down on paper there is no need to think about the worry anymore until your designated “worry time”. My worry time is around 4:30 – 5:00 pm. Select a time where you have about 20-30 minutes to sit and ponder about each individual worry that you tossed into the worry jar. “Worry Time” is your designated time to scrunch up your face, frown, and worry your hardest…




Dump out all the pieces of worries, read each worry and ruminate at will. I worry about each one at a time crumbling, crunching, and then make a crumpled paper pile.

Once the worries are all in a pile – – – I gather them all up in my hand. Give then one last goodbye crunch then I take then over to the trash can and willingly Let Them Go.

Sometimes I say this affirmation when trashing my worries:

I am willing to let go of anything and everything working against me in all time and space







Day 18: Connecting Socially

Updated my social media sharing buttons to look like well Buttons ūüôā ¬†I already use Instagram and have that widget enabled to show my last two pics at the end of my page – just scroooolll down to check out my instapics. ¬†My Instagram pics tend to be of my kids or something generally interesting about my day. ¬†Nothing too fancy for Instagram (the idea that attracted me to Instagram in the first place is that it’s¬†easy peasy).

Linked my Facebook and new Tumblr account (just created yesterday). ¬†Love it how my brain seems to already know what Zero to Hero is going to say – this boosts my bloggy confidence. ¬†LOVE IT!!!! ¬†Planning to add short conversation starters and quotes to tumbler along with an occasional fun photo from my day. ¬† After reading WordPress‘ handy dandy instructions on the ins and outs of publicizing I see that I can edit the Publish Settings for social media (uncheck) the box to¬†not share¬†with: FB, Tumblr, or Google+ ¬†No need to repost EVERYTHING‚Ķ all over the place.

Currently, I link to FB every 1-2 weeks. ¬†I have both Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts, but now sure how or why to use for my blog’s purpose and theme just yet. ¬†Surprised me that WordPress doesn’t have Pinterest available for auto posting/linking‚Ķin the publicize section. ¬†I did decide to enable Pinterest and Tumblr sharing buttons to my posts ūüôā ¬†Need to research more about Google+. ¬†I use it, but not looking at if much at all…

Ok, so just read Pin it…Pin it Good here on WordPress. ¬†Very good advice for me as a photo blogger! ¬†Suggestion: ¬†Use Pinterest to collect photos that inspire me. ¬†I already do that and I could start to link one of my posts once a month using my new button! ¬† ¬†That will make it easy for linking up my Pinterest account to my blog. ¬†Woohoo! ¬†I changed up quite a bit today.

Do you use Pinterest for blogging?  What is your favorite social media platform for interweaving your blog?

I would love to hear how you enjoy interacting on social media as a blogger or as an avid blog reader.  Share your favorite ways to share!