Day 18: Connecting Socially

Updated my social media sharing buttons to look like well Buttons 🙂  I already use Instagram and have that widget enabled to show my last two pics at the end of my page – just scroooolll down to check out my instapics.  My Instagram pics tend to be of my kids or something generally interesting about my day.  Nothing too fancy for Instagram (the idea that attracted me to Instagram in the first place is that it’s easy peasy).

Linked my Facebook and new Tumblr account (just created yesterday).  Love it how my brain seems to already know what Zero to Hero is going to say – this boosts my bloggy confidence.  LOVE IT!!!!  Planning to add short conversation starters and quotes to tumbler along with an occasional fun photo from my day.   After reading WordPress‘ handy dandy instructions on the ins and outs of publicizing I see that I can edit the Publish Settings for social media (uncheck) the box to not share with: FB, Tumblr, or Google+  No need to repost EVERYTHING… all over the place.

Currently, I link to FB every 1-2 weeks.  I have both Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts, but now sure how or why to use for my blog’s purpose and theme just yet.  Surprised me that WordPress doesn’t have Pinterest available for auto posting/linking…in the publicize section.  I did decide to enable Pinterest and Tumblr sharing buttons to my posts 🙂  Need to research more about Google+.  I use it, but not looking at if much at all…

Ok, so just read Pin it…Pin it Good here on WordPress.  Very good advice for me as a photo blogger!  Suggestion:  Use Pinterest to collect photos that inspire me.  I already do that and I could start to link one of my posts once a month using my new button!    That will make it easy for linking up my Pinterest account to my blog.  Woohoo!  I changed up quite a bit today.

Do you use Pinterest for blogging?  What is your favorite social media platform for interweaving your blog?

I would love to hear how you enjoy interacting on social media as a blogger or as an avid blog reader.  Share your favorite ways to share!


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