Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

Blurred Reflections ~ My Take

Inspiration to search through my photos to see which ones SCREAM reflection to me.  I found blurred reflections.  This idea for a reflections theme originated from The Daily Post‘s weekly photo challenge.

These photos were gathered from my nature walks & taken with my Olympus camera  (used a new timing setting I hadn’t yet tried).

These are my favorite blurred photos I have taken.  What do you think of blurred photos?  How do you utilize blurring in your photography or do you tend to stay away from blurring?

Orange, Green Tan Blur


Stroked Colors Blur


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

  1. Outstanding abstracts!

    I’ve experimented with motion blur, panning both side-to-side and up and down, during exposure. Also, zooming in and out during exposure gives some really cool results.

  2. I’m still learning how to take photos with good focus, depth of field, exposure. There’s just too much for me to remember right now to also play with blurring. But I love these two of yours. They look like paintings. Lots of texture. Maybe one day I’ll try. But not for a while!

    • Yeah, take it one step at a time. I was actually playing with a new setting and didn’t even realize it would do an awesome blur abstract photos. So just play with all your settings and who knows what you will create next!!!

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