Imaginary Leaf Inspiration

This in depth study of, Paul Klee, on Brotherly Love is a gem of a find for art history lovers (me included). Thanks Jack!

These posts have inspired me to give water colors a try. I’m usually an acrylic girl 🙂 As an art maker and passionate about other artist’s creations – his final rendition at Brotherly Love blog is so Paul Klee! Check it out.

Great leaf study. You got it! I enjoyed it very much! Thanks so much for showcasing your watercolors and step by step instructions for creating art. Your aging dragon fruit is a fav of mine!




4 thoughts on “Imaginary Leaf Inspiration

  1. We can see here from a great distance that you have some considerable experience with rendering visible leafness. We are really impressed because it is so ‘leafful. Likely this gift is in your nature. A gift. Keep painting leaves. And flowers. Trees. Dogs. Children. It looks as though you could make visible many things (that are not things). A gift. THGg

    • Thanks so very much garden! Yes, I will keep painting at my snail like pace. Enjoying every minute of my creating. Again, what a nice compliment! You have a special way with words. So glad to have a good friend like you in blogging land 😉

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