Day 19: Format New To Me

Today’s assignment: publish a post using a format you’ve never used before.  

Ok – let’s think,


think….Where or where is my tree stump to sit upon like Winnie-the-Pooh bear when I need one?  It’s been a bit since I’ve written a zerotohero post, but this Soup girl is NOT a quitter!!!  Hmmm… I know, I have not yet posted any audio links with the exception of 1 very interesting u-tube video about how railroad spike knives are made, here.

Today’s thoughts for this challenge are leaping to ALL of the following places:

  • Try out the audio or video posting format
  • Used the Quote posting format once, here – So guess that’s out
  • Embed audio into a Quote post to give it an extra, punch
  • Post a photo with an audio file embedded
  • Status Post – I’ve used once
  • Chat Post – What does that do???

Teach me Daily Post – See Post Formats for Formatting Basics if you need to glance, once again, like I do!  😉 Even after reading this still not sure about Chat.  Guess one of these days I’ll have to get brave enough to push that button and try.

Reviewing format styles again has has been fun, and I see how using different post formats change the look and style of a blog.  Whichever new post format I decide to “try on”; I’m wanting to find an interesting audio/music file to add and connect it to an inspirational quote or spice up a photo.

Personally, I wasn’t impressed with my themes, Quote posting format – looks rather bland to me… The Link posting format seems more fun, but rarely am I posting one link 😉 Maybe that should be one of my blog goals too – do a photography related Link post once in a blue moon.

I like changing things up so here I go!  On the hunt today for a suitable quote and/or audio file.  To be continued…

After Blog Break

  • Adding a Vlog would be a new feature for me (not ready today to break out my iphone and video myself chatting y’all up yet).
  • Use the videolicious app to showcase some photos along with some voice over about my walk that day.  I will be more comfortable using this app since it shows my photos more than mostly me staring at the camera.  Excited about this idea!!!
  • Read many, many quotes and sayings this afternoon – Ahhhh, lovely feeling after reading all that inspiration, motivational sayings 🙂
  • Two suitable songs to post with quotes came to my brainy, brain.
  • Deciding to sleep on it, review again tomorrow before posting my new music soup bite…or maybe two.

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