Blog Break

What might you ask does a Soup girl do on her blog break?

My Blog break consisted of a meditation from The Honest Guys, “The Seat” and 3 wonderful yoga poses πŸ™‚ Corpse when meditating, reclined goddess, and child’s pose.

Need to get away from your everyday for a few minutes?

Yes, I know we all want to escape to the beach or mountains for a week instead of 14 minutes of relaxing….But truly – The Honest Guys are a great go to for me to enjoy a few relaxing moments. Β Very refreshing and so easy!



5 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. This chair is fantastic. Soup, is it rude to ask how much you paid and where to go? Do they come in different sizes and colors. Perfect for the dining room, too. β€” THGg

  2. Soup, your post was so important to me. I had to do one of the most difficult things a Healing Garden gardener ever has to do. Then I had to wait for a very long time in a small room. A very small room with no plants or paints. The chair! The chair was there! (I feel like Dr. Seuss). And I was okay. This is a true testimonial to the strength of “the chair”.

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