The hat is on top of the dog,
The dog is on top of the table,
This little guy dressed in his Lego armor hat had me smiling at this unexpected silliness one morning!

I never know what toys might surprise me; silly or otherwise around the house.  So many Happy little surprises!!!  My husband auctions/sells small toys and other notably small items on eBay.  He specializes in what’s tiny (medals, pins, toys).  He loves his hobbie (aka 2nd job).  It helps him de-stress; just chill and sort some Legos. 🙂

Toys are constantly coming and a going at this house.  This is great for our boys – always an extra toy or two to play with!  Very often when I arrive home the entire table, sofa, and sometimes floor are covered with toys.  This week it’s been the kitchen table ~ covered with light saber parts, old toy cars, ancient gi joes with their guns, tank parts….  Don’t think he is exclusive to boy’s toys I’ve helped him catalog and sort Polly pockets & barbie dolls a time or two before. 😉

* Photo edited in Snapseed and photo challenge from Daily Post.

This challenge brought this popular song to my mind.  Enjoy!


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