Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Here is a taste of A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T soup for the Daily Post’s Letter challenge.

Abandoned building in town...

Abandoned building in town…

On earth day Myself and my camera walked past this cast off, delapitated building and noticed trash in the parking lot.  Ick!  So, I decided to pick up the bits of glass, burned trash, Rusted metal (screws, hangers, and matchbox cars) a ruined, dried up paintbrush, and whatever else a local church decided to get together and burn!  Since when did brushfires turn into disgarded junk?

Despite my distaste for littering; trash turned out to be  quite interesting as a subject matter.  Now, I find myself quite often wanting to take snaps of trash I see when I’m out for a walk.  Good reminder to take care of what we have, earth included.  Why litter anyway?

Smashed Coffee Cup

Smashed Coffee Cup

Burned Trash

Burned Trash

Splattered Buckets

Splattered Buckets


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