Tangled, twisty mess of Vines


Loopy Vines against the bluest Sky

Vines tend to twist, choke, and tie up other plants and in this case trees!  So much so that the tree is but a background for the vine’s playground.  I’ve taken many photos of this type of rugged, rope like vines.  It amazes me how thick and strong they are; nature’s ropes all twisted up.  If left to their own…they take over a small forest.  They loop, twist over, reach up, and then back down….then:  Repeat

It seems impossible to see where the vine even started.  Looking down at the ground; it’s like giant ropes sprung out from the earth to capture the trees.  In comparison to other plants or weeds this type of vine looks “alive” like it’s going to reach out and grab me to pull me to who knows where…somewhere scary!  This happens in the movie Jamangi—Vines being alive and capturing people.  The vines provide the forest with it’s creepy ambiance.  Much like the trees that throw apples at Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

I’ve taken pics of these vines quite often. The vines above are choking out my neighbors trees (a few streets away).  I have no idea what type of vines these are…

Do you know the proper name for these vines?  Do you take pics of weeds or vines?  All plant life interests me.


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