I Will Bloom Again

Last couple weeks have been tough for various reasons… Loved the surprise of having my photos featured on Broken Light’s blog. Lately when I’m feeling discouraged I find myself glancing at this post ~ I will bloom again. Such a nice thought! Funny how my own words encourage myself 😉 I’m already using another flower as my blooming subject.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Please say a warm hello first-time contributor Lisa, a 34-year-old woman from South Carolina who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Lisa is learning how to manage life with bipolar, anxiety and chronic pain. She uses photography to help cope and started a photography blog, A Shutterbug’s Solace, to share a few of her favorite photos.

About these photos: “When I’m outside taking photos many times I look skyward!  I see tall trees and a clear, vibrant blue sky. Looking closely at nature reminds me to keep moving forward in my life and recovery. These pictures are of magnolia flowers from my front yard.

The different stages of a flower is much like bipolar cycling moods:  

-A new bud closed up and waiting. 

-Opening up, blooming, pretty even with all her tears. 

-Flourishing even when fading. 

-Falling apart to bud and bloom yet again.

Even though at times I feel like I’m a mixed up mess…

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2 thoughts on “I Will Bloom Again

  1. Nice series of photos! The act of taking them and posting them must reinforce the reminder that you will bloom again. That reminder is terribly elusive for me. I have a magnolia on my front lawn. I will try to use it to remind me of your post.

    • Yes, sharing them makes a difference! Thanks much!!! It’s such a fun process to notice change in flowers and landscapes around me. Glad this was helpful to you 😉

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