Chirpy Songs

I never considered myself a bird watcher or even much of a listener to our feathered friends who frequently voice their songs.  Most often I ignored their chirpiness and moaned at their early morning calls.
funky weedNow when I walk each chirp is listened to and sometimes even cherished.  Interesting how our views can change.  Birds are a comfort to me now that I appreciate their existence.

funk weed

This seeded weed is so colorful and I enjoyed snapping it while listening to birdsongs.  I even took a small video of this weed to capture a snippet of the sound of birds – chirping this morning.  Here is a birdsong for you to listen to, super quick, only 30 seconds, or better yet walk out your door and listen live!  Previous post about birds.

Do you enjoy birdy chirps or not so much?  

funky weed2

Full view of this interesting weed (pretty sure it’s a weed).  I found it in some heavy growth…vines and trees in plenty.  I love how the middle close up looks so much like a colorful octopus!  Well to me it does 😉


6 thoughts on “Chirpy Songs

  1. I do like the sounds of birds. They say when one sense is weak the others can seem to counteract it with excellence. My vision is not what I would want for anyone – so my hearing confirms gratitude.

  2. My mother had bipolar (she’s in Heaven now, and ain’t got bi-po no-mo!). Birds always meant a lot to her, but their songs became even more meaningful to her after a break-in left the kitchen window missing for a night and day. We could hear the birds even more clearly in the morning.

    A friend at a prayer meeting said, “Oh – so you had a bird choir!” That was about 12 years ago, but many’s the time she would use the phrase “bird choir” when she heard birds.

    (And, yes – that middle shot DOES look like an octopus. 8^)

    • Bird choir is a good description of what birds most often sound like. All singing away, each chirping their own parts 😉 thanks for sharing your Mom’s story!

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