Day 20: Add a New Page

I have been wanting to add a contact form, as well as, have purchasing options available for my photography.  So excited to have made my 1st step to sell some of my photos!

After reading up on this challenge and all the wonderful new page suggestions…decided to just JUMP and add a contact form, as well as, show case a few of my favorite photos.  Since this 30 day challenge is from Janurary…yes, from so long ago….I’m reading these from my saved word document.  Adding a new page helps to understand the Page function.

The statice home page appealed to me 🙂 It’s a quick try at it; so check it out and feedback is very, very welcome!  My Photo Soup Home.

I love these Zero to Hero challenges because my ideas for my blog tend to continue beyond the lesson.  As a result from this challenge soon I will update my background photo!

What blogging challenge/lesson have you learned recently?

Attention Photo bloggers:  I would love to hear about sites and services you use that have worked well to sell your own photography.

Sending Loving Kindness,



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