Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

With this challenge What first came to my mind was painting with light from windows and lampposts.  I waved my camera in the air as I pressed the shutter button creating lines in the darkness.  It’s interesting how the night lines in my photo are not only white.  I ♥ the shades of glowing amber.  Minimal editing-  The only edit was a slight cropping!  My other photos were cropped and just a slight change to the brightness.

I don’t feel this 1st photo is very strong in the art of photography, but it was much fun to experiment with another photo style. Experiment with your photography – it opens up new possibilities!

night lights lines

Night Lights Dashing

Intriguing night weed

Intriguing night weed

Night grass

Night grass

I enjoyed night photography very much!  So I decided to venture out on a night walk again the same week.  Using my flash I captured an interesting, vibrant green weed and willows.

Sky paint

Sky paint

Sunsets – are always fun to capture. This sunset illuminated this tree!  Bright yellow, pale pinks and blues.  I find myself looking often at both sunrises and sunsets to see what the sky painted for me today 🙂


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