Day 22: Participate in a blogging event

Challenge:  Find a blogging event and throw your hat into the ring. 

Well of course I’m doing a photo challenge 🙂 Such fun!!!

WordPress has a good one – Cover Art – I absolutely love to read and listen to music. Cover art is very important!  It catches our interest, makes the book say read me, read me or yawn, how boring.  Of course we all have different tastes, give off varying vibes….Check out my goodreads to see what my nose is absorbed in lately.

I think nearly every person at least contemplates writing some sort of memoir.  When I write mine the title could be – Just Breathe, Breathe Deeply, or Sing in the Dark. 

Hey don’t judge this is what’s jumping about in my brain today who knows what tomorrow brings.  Maybe I will stick with my soup theme and call it – hmmmm….all I can think of sounds cheesy and mushy…soup for the soul is SO overdone…

If you happen to love one of my titles, please, please comment!

pink flowers

So yeah, when I went to find my cover art photo I changed my pretend title 😉 Whatcha think?


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