Lost but not forgotten

Today on Christmas let us remember those who have gone 
before us, our loves, our family, our country's veterans....
and whoever else we recall who are lost, but not forgotten.

flag blossom

Let’s think on the good, loving memories to cherish and treasure always. For me this holiday it’s a memory of my Dad. He was a veteran, a father to 6 girls and husband to my lovely Mom.

My Memory: One Christmas my Dad went shopping on Christmas Eve! Yes, indeed – he waited till the last minute to shop at night right after work (workaholic that he was).  He shopped at the local mall and was featured on the news for procrastinating… Hehehe.  I think the news liked his story since he was shopping for such a large family and still last minute! Pretty sure 3 of us were living at home. I was a teenager… Many times the other 3 joined us for Christmas if they could travel. I’m not recalling if this was a big Christmas gathering or not. Either way a funny memory 🙂

This may sound negative to some, but it’s a good memory for me! It was a Christmas that my Dad smiled more often! He was a serious sort of person and didn’t smile much. However, this Christmas he was grinning ear to ear at home and on TV!

A Happy Christmas to all!  What memory do you cherish this Christmas?



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